The Gallery

Every month the Gallery @ The Curve hosts an exhibition from local artist or group of artists, in the purpose built space on the ground floor. It may also be booked as a meeting room. There is also an informal exhibition space on the first floor. If you are interested in exhibiting please contact us on

Kate Spencer Milan - virtual exhibition

Kate Spencer-Millan is an alcohol ink artist. Alcohol inks are bright and colourful and compliment her style of work. The inks can take on a life of their own but that, she says, is part of the fun. It means even though she can control them to create specific designs, every piece is individual. So if you own a Spencer-Millan it's definitely a unique piece and a 'one of a kind'.

Her subject varies as you'll see in the gallery as she is inspired by many things. She is also great with commission work so if you have any questions or ideas of a piece you'd like created for your home, feel free to send her a message!

Her works cost from around £40 to £130 so there are pieces for all pockets. If you are interested please contact her directly

Kate Spencer Millan Art Website

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