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Every month the Gallery @ The Curve hosts an exhibition from local artist or group of artists, in the purpose built space on the ground floor. It may also be booked as a meeting room.

There is also an informal exhibition space on the first floor

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'Revolution Now' - Julie Mok

Gallery, throughout February 2020

"Revolution Now?" responds to the international press and social media coverage* of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. The work reflects upon the riots and violence between government authorities, pro-Beijing supporters and pro-democracy demonstrators. A poignant echo of populist uprisings sweeping across Paris, Chile and Lebanon, the artist was inspired by stories of societal inequality and generational divisions in the city and interestingly the power of technology to galvanise and mobilise the youth of Hong Kong. The first series of prints combines mixed mediums of drypoint intaglio, monoprinting, chine-collé and watercolour.

The series of abstract monoprints are symbolic reflections of the ongoing narrative. The artist used colour, line and form to capture the essence of political disquiet. ‘Black’ is the duality between masked protestors and Triad elements involved in pitched battles. The gestural brushstroke of ‘Five’ depicts the 5 demands for change and justice.

Julie Mok is a printmaker and painter. She is exploring the themes of femininity, cultural identity, displacement and lost. Julie works in mixed mediums of lino print, drypoint intaglio, monoprinting combined with watercolour and other media. She also works in oil paints and is experimenting with found objects.