Slough Museum

 202020 - 20 Objects, 20 Artists, 20 Communities

Do you like poetry and spoken word?

 Now is your chance to attend a workshop inspired by a photograph
 Desree picked from Slough Museums collection object.

 She will be running 6 poetry and spoken word workshops online
 throughout September and October and would love for you to be involved.

 At the end, some of the works will be displayed in Slough Museum.

 These online Zoom sessions will commence from Thursday 3 September
 6pm - 7.15pm.

 Sign up on Google Forms to book your place!

Slough Museum Pod Trail

Discover Slough’s fascinating history. At The Curve you can see eight museum pods celebrating the town’s past, present and future.

With over 6,000 objects and 5,000 photographs, Slough Museum has a unique collection. Our aim is to use this collection to inspire, engage and educate. Slough Museum is an independent museum and registered charity.

Visit the pods to learn more about Slough’s history. Highlights include:

Origins of Slough (pod 1) – find out what was so important about the land around Slough and some of its earliest residents.

Victorian Slough (pod 2) – how the Victorian era changed Slough.

Discovery and innovation (pod 3) – great contributions to science and technology beginning with the discoveries of a German immigrant family in the 18th century.

Industrious Slough (pod 4) – learn more about Slough’s enduring relationship with industry.

Life and leisure (pod 5) – the golden age of cinema.

Room for living (pod 6) - moving here and living here.

Slough at home in the 1930s (pod 7) – homes and kitchens in the 1930s.

Slough Stories (pod 8) – iconic buildings in Slough.

Check out the Slough Museum website or Download our children's discovery trail and explore!